Janet Goeske Center Hosts Tax-Aid Program

Janet Goeske Center Hosts Tax-Aid Program

January 22, 2016

Income tax season is coming. Those can be frightening words, especially if you’re not expecting a refund. Sorting through financial paperwork and filling out tax forms is confusing and overwhelming for many people.

Here at JGC, we want to make tax time easier for you. Starting February 1st, 2016, representatives from the AARP Tax-Aid Program will be at the Center to help you with your taxes.

This is a free program, available to anyone who is low-to-moderate income, with special attention paid to those 50 and older. IRS-trained volunteers will be at the Center, Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM, February 1st through April 15th.

The tax preparers see clients on a first come, first served basis. A sign-up sheet will be available at the front desk so that you can sign in on the day you want to meet with the tax preparer. The Center opens at 7AM, so get here early to avoid a longer wait time.

Be prepared for your session, and bring the following documents with you:

• Last year’s tax return(s)
• Social Security cards or other official documentation for yourself and all your dependents
• Photo I.D.
• Checkbook if you want to direct deposit any refund(s)
• W-2 from each employer (if you are employed)
• Unemployment compensation statements (if you receive unemployment)
• SSA-1099 form showing the total Social Security benefits paid to you for the year, or Form RRB-1099, Tier 1 Railroad Retirement benefits
• 1099 forms reporting interest (1099-INT), dividends (1099-DIV), proceeds from sales (1099-B), plus documentation showing the original purchase price of your sold assets
• 1099-R form if you received a pension, annuity, or IRA distribution
• 1099-Misc forms
• Information about other forms of Income
• State or local income tax refund
• Documentation of federal and state income tax paid (including quarterly estimated tax payments)

If you plan to itemize deductions, bring the following:

• 1098 form showing any home mortgage interest
• 1098-T and 1098-E forms (Tuition and Student Loan Interest payments)
• A list of medical/dental expenses (including doctor and hospital bills and medical insurance premiums), prescription medicines, costs of assisted living services, and bills for home improvements such as ramps and railings for people with disabilities
• Summary of contributions to charity
• Receipts or canceled checks for all quarterly or other paid tax
• Property Tax bills and proof of payment
• Form 1095A if you purchased through Marketplace (Exchange)
• Any exemption correspondence from the Marketplace (if applicable)
• Dependent care provider information (name, employer ID, or Social Security number)
• 1099 forms related to continuing education and related receipts and cancelled checks

We hope this process makes tax season go a little more smoothly. If you have questions, please ask at the front desk or drop by the Senior Services office.

Kate Panepinto
Senior Services and Resource Manager